Officials do not appreciate time, effort to make money online

The greatest problem faced by paypal account holders in India, especially goa, is that the intelligence and security agencies do not appreciate the time, effort and money that has to be spent to make money online.
Just because a single woman obc engineer, domain investor is making some money online, they think that they can falsely claim that anyone else, especially their friends and relatives, owns the paypal account, associated bank account of the real paypal account holder, a obc single woman engineer, and get their fraud friends and relatives lucrative government jobs at her expense

Why dont the friends and relatives of these powerful officials with government jobs open their own paypal account and make their own money online, spending their own time and money, instead of falsely claiming to be associated with a single woman obc engineer who they hate, have cheated and exploited. Indian ISPs like Airtel, Idea, Aircel, Vodafone, also do not provide free internet connection, computers, domains, webhosting is not free and the time spent could be used to make money elsewhere