Get paid for posting on forums with Contenvania

Posting on forums is one of the simplest ways of making money online in 2016 without any investment at all. While there are a few forums which pay members, they are usually limiting the number of posts per day. There are also websites which pay members to post on a large number of forums, however these forums are closely regulated and it may be difficult to get approval.

Contenvania is a relatively new forum posting website which will pay members for posting on their forums listed with them. At present, unlike other forum posting websites, no test posts have to be completed, members are free to post on the many forums listed with them. There are more than 6 forums listed at present on different topics like weight loss, gambling, gossip, forum posting, merchant account and members can make up to 5 posts on each of the forums per day.

Some of these forums like contenvania forum are worth joining because they have a lot of valuable and important information which is not available elsewhere. For example most of the major content websites like Postloop are tightly regulated and some very good writers will not be allowed to join the forum, because of some senior officials in the internet sector do not want them to make money online

Daily the points for the account of each member who has posted are being updated, after rating the forum posts which are being made on different forums. An email notification of the points earned will also be sent to the member . 100 points are considered to be equivalent to $1 . Members of the website can withdraw the balance to Google wallet, Paypal, Xoom and other options are available.

So for internet users interested in making some extra money online , Contenvania is a new option for making money posting on forums on a variety of topics and also interact with others from different countries