Masterpiece PTC with low minimum payout

With PPC and CPM advertising rates reducing, Paid to click or PTC websites are the simplest way to make money online as users of the website are paid to watch advertisements for a specified period of time. Masterpiece Ptc is a new PTC website which pays members for clicking on ads of different websites. There are a large number of paid to click ads being displayed on the website at present. Compared to other ptc websites, the ads at Masterpiece PTC have to be viewed only for 5 seconds for the member account to be credited, allowing members to make money in a relatively short period of time.

Many internet users are looking for PTC websites with a low minimum payout so that they can ensure that the website is genuine before spending a lot of their time on the website viewing ads. With cashtravel increasing the minimum payout to $0.5 for members who have made multiple payout requests, Masterpiece PTC will pay members when they have as little as $0.01 in their account. At present three withdrawal methods are offered Epayzal, Paypal and Payza , with a 1% processing fee for the payment being made.

Payment proof is available on the Masterpiece PTC for those who wish to verify. On 27 April 2016, they have more than 300 members and have made 229 payments till date according to the statistics on their website. So for internet users looking for some quick money, with a low minimum payout , Masterpiece PTC is a good option to be considered for making money online with no initial investment.