ForumCoin review

Micropayment is a major problem for online sellers as Paypal fees for small amounts can be high, almost 40% of the amount being paid for a payment of $1. Forumcoin is a virtual currency and the ForumCoin forum has been developed for making payment online without a transaction fee. In the last few years due to declining online advertising rates, there are very few websites which pay members as promised and Forumcoin is one of the few forums that has paid members for posting on the forum. This ForumCoin Review provides information on ForumCoin, how to participate in the forum, the special offers available, how it can be used to promote your product or service and make some dt.

ForumCoin is one of the few popular forums in 2016, which uses phpBB software. The forum has a very efficient admin and staff who are very good at controlling spam. A majority of the members are making money online, though some of the members of the forums are webmasters, hosting company owners and admins. The forum has a number of sections like Business, Money and Wealth, Webmaster, Computers and technology and members are paid 2 ForumCoin or 1 ForumCoin for posting or replying in each section.At present it is one of the best forums for finding out about the reliable online money making opportunities, as the members of the forum are looking for new ways to make money online, and have researched most of the money making websites online in 2016.

Members can also earn forumcoin for offering to sell products or services, or doing various tasks in ForumCoin exchanges. The ForumCoin earned can be used to promote the members products or services, advertising on the website. Members are allowed to redeem the forumcoin they have earned for various gifts like domain names, Amazon gift voucher, or Paypal with 500 ForumCoin equivalent to $5 in Paypal. Most members have received their payment promptly after making a request. Though there is a restriction on the number of paid posts a member can make daily, it remains one of the few online forums which continues to pay members directly without using an intermediary like Postloop or Forumwheel.
With most major forums like Digitalpoint, Webhostingtalk closely monitoring and censoring experienced webmasters who have been members for a decade, ForumCoin could become a popular forum for webmasters, webhosting companies and all others interested in making money online.