Mylot has reduced minimum payout to $5

In March, April 2016, Mylot had reduced the minimum payout to $1 and it appears that the number of users on the website had increased to a very great extent. However for May 2016, the minimum payout was increased to $10, and the number of users and time spent on the website has decreased to some extent. It was relatively simple to reach the minimum payout of $1 in a month.

In some countries like India, internet access remains expensive, unreliable, and government officials think that they are doing a great favor, allowing a Indian citizen to access the internet, despite paying the ISP a large amount for the internet connection. So in India Mylot members are not likely to be very active after the payout increase as a person spending time online for a few hours daily, is labelled as being addicted to the internet, tortured daily causing great pain.

The Mylot admin are closely monitoring the revenues of the website, and have now reduced the minimum payout to $5. It will be appreciated as a large number of members can reach $5 if they are active for 1 hour daily on the website