verification email not received pays members for referring others depending on their membership levels, It is being advertised on some PTC websites. However it is observed that the verification email has not been received, despite requesting for the same. Usually the problem will be faced for emails using domain names, however in this case, a hotmail account was used and no email was delivered despite wasting a lot of time.
If the account is not verified, the member cannot login.
If anyone else is facing the problem , kindly revert

Fraud NTRO, google, tata officials think online money making is simple

In an indication of the mindset of some extremely powerful officials in india, top fraud google, tata, ntro and other government officials think that making money online is extremely simple. These officials think that any lazy greedy mediocre woman who has SEX with top officials or is good housekeeper keeping a posh and clean house will be able to make money online easily. After 6 years of the great tata, google fraud , none of the fraud women allegedly sponsored by google, tata for top government jobs with fake resumes, investment are making any money online and are least interested in doing so.
As the article in the May 9, 2016 issue of outlook India indicated , internet connectivity in India remains extremely poor, users have to waste a lot of their time and money just to be connected to the internet at present. Under these circumstances why will lazy greedy young women want to work online, when they know that having recreational sex or flirting with powerful officials will get them a government job, salary, for doing no work at all as these fraud men will make fake claims abusing their powers.

Has anyone received payment from

In April 2016, had sent an email promising to pay $5 monthly for text link advertising on a blog. The ad was placed to their satisfaction on the blog and they agreed to pay $5 on May 10, 2016. However on May 10, 2016, no payment as received from Late in the evening on 10 May 2016, an email was sent to , no reply has been received till date.
If anyone has any information on the company please send an email to


Some money making websites do not pay the second time

It is important to review websites periodically because many of the money making websites will not pay the vendor or member the second time. The first time they will pay a small amount as payment proof , so the member will spend a lot of time on the website and also promote the website on his or her blog or website . However they will disable the account of the account holder, when payment will be due the second time, wasting a lot of time and money of the user on internet connection, opportunity cost.
Hence it is advisable to review every website for payment every 3 months or 6 months to check if they are continuing to pay members. Bubblews is the most notorious online website, which stopped paying leaving a huge number of disappointed and angry members, and continues to be discussed till date . When internet usage is expensive, closely monitored, a person will prefer to use websites which pay as promised, rather than waste their time and money on websites that do not pay as promised, without giving any reason at all