Casteism affecting online money making in India

With most of the important jobs in indian intelligence agencies held by brahmins, banias or their puppets casteism can adversely affect the money making capacity of a person . These mainly brahmin officials are extremely cunning, shameless, dishonest and with zero morals and devoid of humanity. If an experienced person will make money online, these cunning officials allegedly bribed by google, tata will make up completely fake and extremely malicious false stories without any proof at all accusing the innocent harmless person.
then like hysterical parrots or robots these shameless fraud officials will repeate their lies for more than 6 years, thinking that repeating their lies will make the lies come true. These fraud indian government employees are shameless cowards with no self respect who do not have the courage or honesty to defend their complete lies in an open debate.
These selfish inhuman officials then expect the person they are falsely accusing to either give their lazy greedy mediocre section 420 fraud relatives or friends a stake in the business as reward for the slander , or agree to identity theft. Till then the online money making capacity of the person will be adversely affected with almost no orders.
These cunning shameless indian government employees think that filing fake cases without proof against the online money maker to extort money, is their birthright and are allegedly protected and rewarded by large corporates in this racket.