Google steals money from poor Indian publishers

Though google ceo sundar pichai and his wife anjali have a btech 1993 degree from IIT kharagpur, google and tata in India are allegedly involved in a major educational fraud bribing senior ntro and other intelligence, security agency officials to falsely claim that 8-10 google, tata sponsored frauds have the btech 1993 EE degree, resume,investment of their btech 1993 EE classmate, a harmless single woman engineer, who these fraud indian government employees hate, to get all these fraud women lucrative R&AW/CBI/government jobs with fake resumes, investment.
The experienced single woman engineer who actually answered JEE and got a btech 1993 EE degree, india’s largest female domain investor is not getting anything, and is being criminally stalked and tortured with radiation weapons causing very great pain, especially in panaji, goa by the cruel criminal indian government employees on the payroll of google and tata.
Google is allegedly falsely claiming lazy greedy fraud R&AW/CBI employees like the shameless GOAN GSB FRAUDS extortionists housewife riddhi nayak who looks like kangana ranaut, goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar are working online to give these shameless GOAN GSB CONWOMEN great powers when these lazy google sponsored frauds do not do any work online at all, as part of google’s elaborate fraud to steal money from online publishers in india.
Falsely claiming national security these shameless goan gsb fraud sex specialist, housewife and their associates are running a very big LEAD AND ORDER THEFT RACKET,stealing leads and orders.

So if any indian company wishes to advertise with smaller indian publishers in the form of blogposts, they will never be able to contact the publisher because the google, tata sponsored goan gsb fraud R&AW/CBI employees riddhi siddhi mandrekar will steal the leads, orders and enquiries, making completely fake excuses of national security. Then the advertiser will be forced to advertise using google adwords, making google money.

The latest example of the google adwords fraud is the Kanakia Paris campaign on which the advertiser spent a lot of money with google adwords, and the publishers got nothing except tickets which could not be used by the outstation publishers. If the advertiser had even sent a voucher of Rs 100 to the broke publishers, it would be greatly appreciated as non Google Adsense publishers are finding it very difficult to make any money online in India. Checking forums will give officials an indication of the great losses which Indians are making online, finding it difficult to get any orders.

There are almost no blog ad networks in India whose software is working properly and have enough work, due to the google sponsored sabotage campaign to destroy all indian networks which sell blogposts or text link advertising. It is time that officials stop falsely claiming national security when a publisher makes $10 and look at the matter more objectively as publishers have expenses, are exporters.