Indian websites do not provide referral link

In a clear indication that affiliate commissions, referral commissions in India are stolen by the greedy cunning indian intelligence and security agency officials, most indian websites do not provide a referral link which can be posted on a website. They only expect all contributors to only promote the website among their friends and relatives and get paid for their effort.

On the other hand, due to religious and cultural factors, foreign intelligence and security agency officials are not so greedy and corrupt like the indian officials, so most foreign websites have a referral link which online publishers, bloggers can use on their website. In US, UK corrupt officials face censure and legal action, in India corrupt greedy fraud officials like cbi/raw employees riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, nayanshree, sunaina and their associates are involved in major extortion/bribery rackets, yet continue to enjoy great powers, and the indian government refuses to act against these government employees though they have plenty of black money.

The latest example of the referral link not being provided is Mouthshut which has an attractive program for writing reviews and referring friends. Members can refer their friends by email, twitter and Facebook, however no clear referral link has been provided, which can be posted on a blog or website.

Till the greedy corrupt Indian intelligence officials are punished for stealing leads, orders and affiliate commissions, it remains difficult for anyone to make any money online in india. These government officials are getting a salary and pension, why are allowed to run a major extortion/bribery racket without being controlled or question. No wonder the job websites are reporting that the number of people hired in the internet sector has been decreasing, in the last few months, as people are realizing that it is extremely difficult for a business owner to make any money online.