Linkbucks is now Linkbucksmedia

It now appears that online any website which is not affiliated with intelligence agencies is labelled as a media company to justify their existence online. Linkbucks was one of the oldest online money making websites which is still in existence, and offered instant payout. However does not resolve. Doing a search on major search engines, directs the user to
The new website is almost identical to the old linkbucks in design .
Older passwords are also working and the balance is also carried over.
However there is no indication whether the old affiliate links are also working as before

Information on similar websites, with a low minimum payout would be appreciated.

Almost no blogppost opportunities on Microworkers

In the last few weeks there are very few blog post opportunities on Microworkers for bloggers interested in making some extra money from their website. Google has been ruthless in banning websites which make money selling text links to ensure that it has a monopoly on advertising, specifically Google adwords.

Though the amount charged for text link advertising is a fraction of the expenses for Google adwords PPC advertising, most webmasters are too frightened of google to considering using text link advertising to advertise their website

Have all the advertisers migrated to some other platform? Any insider information will be appreciated.

Indian websites do not provide referral link

In a clear indication that affiliate commissions, referral commissions in India are stolen by the greedy cunning indian intelligence and security agency officials, most indian websites do not provide a referral link which can be posted on a website. They only expect all contributors to only promote the website among their friends and relatives and get paid for their effort.

On the other hand, due to religious and cultural factors, foreign intelligence and security agency officials are not so greedy and corrupt like the indian officials, so most foreign websites have a referral link which online publishers, bloggers can use on their website. In US, UK corrupt officials face censure and legal action, in India corrupt greedy fraud officials like cbi/raw employees riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, nayanshree, sunaina and their associates are involved in major extortion/bribery rackets, yet continue to enjoy great powers, and the indian government refuses to act against these government employees though they have plenty of black money.

The latest example of the referral link not being provided is Mouthshut which has an attractive program for writing reviews and referring friends. Members can refer their friends by email, twitter and Facebook, however no clear referral link has been provided, which can be posted on a blog or website.

Till the greedy corrupt Indian intelligence officials are punished for stealing leads, orders and affiliate commissions, it remains difficult for anyone to make any money online in india. These government officials are getting a salary and pension, why are allowed to run a major extortion/bribery racket without being controlled or question. No wonder the job websites are reporting that the number of people hired in the internet sector has been decreasing, in the last few months, as people are realizing that it is extremely difficult for a business owner to make any money online.

Alexamaster review

Update It appears that Alexamaster does not pay some members. They had promised to credit 30000 points for writing a unique 300 word blog post in their small job section, now the post is live for more than a week, they are not replying despite sending reminders.
An email was sent to as specified in the small job section and now there is no reply

Internet users looking for some extra money to cover their internet expenses can check the Alexamaster website which promises to pay members for completing simple tasks like Autosurfing websites, Voting websites, watching videos, reselling traffic, promoting websites, small jobs. It is ideal for internet users who have access to low cost internet connection, as they autosurf while doing other tasks online.

The signup process at the website is simple and if the complete profile is completed, members will get additional points. Unlike most online money making websites which pay members in cents, the website is paying members in points and the dollar equivalent of the points is also displayed. 30000 points is considered to be equivalent to $1 . However there are other conditions to be completed before redeeming the money.

Another activity for making money on the website is rating websites. Different websites are shown automatically for 15 seconds each, and the member has to rate the website as good or bad depending on the design, whether the website has any malware, popup and other similar problems. For each website rated the member is getting 5 points towards their cash balance, and 25 points for their website rating balance. A total of 1000 points have to be obtained for website rating balance before the money can be redeemed.

There are other methods to make money from Alexamaster . There is a small tasks section where members can make some money promoting the associated websites of Alexamaster like, translating the website into other languages like Hindi, Tamil, writing reviews of the website on a blog (minimum 300 words) and promoting Alexamaster on forums ( minimum 100 words). Like most online money making websites, it has a referral program, and members will be credited 100 points for every person who will sign up with their referral link.

A member at Alexamaster has to be active for 7 days before he or she can redeem the balance in his or her account. They are offering a large number of payment options like Paypal,Skrill, Bitcoin to redeem the balance in the account. Payment proof to other members has been provided on the website. The website appears to be custom designed and user friendly. An ideal way to make some extra money for students and others who have access to a low cost internet connection

Casteism affecting online money making in India

With most of the important jobs in indian intelligence agencies held by brahmins, banias or their puppets casteism can adversely affect the money making capacity of a person . These mainly brahmin officials are extremely cunning, shameless, dishonest and with zero morals and devoid of humanity. If an experienced person will make money online, these cunning officials allegedly bribed by google, tata will make up completely fake and extremely malicious false stories without any proof at all accusing the innocent harmless person.
then like hysterical parrots or robots these shameless fraud officials will repeate their lies for more than 6 years, thinking that repeating their lies will make the lies come true. These fraud indian government employees are shameless cowards with no self respect who do not have the courage or honesty to defend their complete lies in an open debate.
These selfish inhuman officials then expect the person they are falsely accusing to either give their lazy greedy mediocre section 420 fraud relatives or friends a stake in the business as reward for the slander , or agree to identity theft. Till then the online money making capacity of the person will be adversely affected with almost no orders.
These cunning shameless indian government employees think that filing fake cases without proof against the online money maker to extort money, is their birthright and are allegedly protected and rewarded by large corporates in this racket.