Teamserp – does not pay as promised

Team SERP is another website which claims to be interested in advertising, yet does not pay as promised . They sent two enquiries and then have not replied at all despite sending a reminder.

——- Original Message ——–
> From: “Victor Spence”
> Sent: Monday, June 20, 2016 3:35 PM
> To:

> Subject: re: Advertisement enquiry for your website, .info
> Hey, We'd like to give you an article which would be written by our
team of writers who specialise in writing unique content for a number of
different websites. The article would only be written for your website and
posted no where else. We would like to have one of my client's link
within the article, my client is in the online casino industry. The article
it's self would not be about casinos or gambling, we'd just like to
make a small mention to my client. Because this is a client link within the
article we'd be more than happy to provide payment for the article to
be live, we can pay $80USD for the article to be live. All of our payments
are made 20 working days after the article is live, this is all explained
within the terms and conditions attached. We do only ask that the article
is not tagged as guest or sponsored post and that the client link is not
set to no-follow. Let me know what you think about this, if you have any
questions I'd be more than happy to respond to them! Looking forward to
hearing back from you! Thanks,
> —
> Victor Spence
> Digital Outreach Agent