Indian Paypal account holders face delay in transfer in August 2016

Many indian paypal account holders tend to rely on foreign customers who are usually more honest than Indian customers and are unlikely to be threatened by officials on the payroll of large corporates. However in the last week of august 2016, there has been a major change in the paypal rules for indian paypal account holders and detailed information has not been provided to them.

Earlier the paypal autowithdrawal from the paypal account to the indian bank account would take place every alternate day or at the most there would be a delay of 3 days. However in August 2016, a payment received on 26 August in the morning before 3 am has not yet been autowithdrawn to the default indian bank account for auto withdrawal till 30 August 2016, 5 days since the payment was received in the Indian Paypal account. This is affecting the finances and planning of the paypal account holder, as most of them had expected the amount in the Paypal account to be credited to their indian bank account by 30 August 2016. There is no news on forums also on why the Paypal auto withdrawal is getting delayed, whether customers are supposed to manually withdraw the amount to their Indian bank account.

Are other Indian paypal account holders also facing a similar problem of delay in withdrawal to their indian bank account? Are they using the auto withdrawal option or are they manually withdrawing money to their account. Please share .