Many Indian mylot users find that their laptops is hacked by NTRO

It appears that a large number of indian internet users who are members of Mylot are finding that their laptop is being hacked by ntro officials. Unlike most other websites whose owners are easily duped by the extremely charming R&AW/NTRO officials, mylot is one of the few websites where there is relatively less censorship. So it appears that ntro officials have developed a sophisticated method of monitoring all mylot activity by indian citizens.
The indian mylot users who are active on the website are finding that their laptop is hacked by the local ntro officials, in particular their keyboard when they are online . One of the indian mylot users was complaining that it was taking him 25 minutes to type a few sentences because of the NTRO keyboard hacking , it has become very slow. The same problem was observed on another windows 8 laptop .
It can be extremely frustrating when the typed characters do not immediately appear on the laptop as the cunning selfish ntro officials are realizing that wasting the time of a person is the best way to cause losses