Jess Had to See a Skin Doctor

Of course that is a dermatologist, but in this case it was probably more of an allergist that we needed. The dermatologist was named Balcones though and he had apparently seen what she had. It was an allergic reaction to the detergent that she was using to was her clothes. In fact we had raised her and washed her clothes for almost two decades with no problems, but as soon as she got out on her own she found the stuff that she was allergic to. I was wondering how that could be really, since we never really stuck to any one detergent. We would go to the store and pick out whatever seemed to be the best deal. I suppose that she got something that was a much better deal, but it did her no good. In fact she looked like she had been stung by a couple thousand bees after she would wear any clothes that she had laundered in this stuff.

The really strange thing was that it was not really wall to wall coverage, but there would just be large splotches. There were a lot of them and they seemed to be really bad. It did not take the girl long to decide that she had to get it fixed, but she did not realize what it was that was causing the issue. That is not the end of it though, since she missed a couple of days at college and then she had to really work hard to catch back up in time for her finals. In the mean time she had to have some money, but that was not too big of a deal for us to deal with. It is going to cause us to change some of our plans for the summer though.