Trendri paid to post forum review

Since paid writing work has greatly reduced due to Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT, online workers, investors interested in making money online should consider posting on forums. Trendri is one of the most reliable paid to post PTP) forums at present.

Online workers interested in making money through Trendri will first have to register on the forum. They should then get their account verified before they get paid for posting. For verification, they have to complete 10 new forum threads and 20 forum replies of high quality, which will be reviewed to verify the account. Posting AI generated or duplicate content is prohibited

After the account is verified, the member will be paid for the following :
– Daily login
– Up to $0.04 for posting a new thread
– Upto $0.024 for replying to a thread
– get paid if anyone replies to the forum thread started
The actual payment for the forum thread posted or thread replies depends on the word count for the thread.

Members can request a payout after they reach $5, using Paypal or Binancepay

Due to decline in online advertising rates, most forums are paying very less, so Trendri is popular since it is paying more for posting than most other PTP forums. The payment requests are usually processed quickly. The website admin Fecoms and moderators are efficient, the forum is usually always available and the members account is credited correctly for the posts which they make.

Members also get an opportunity to interact with members from other countries, especially from Africa, Asia, the opportunities they have and problems they face while working online. The forum is extremely popular among online workers interested in making money online, and it also has sections for real estate, finance, business,personal finance, marketing and other categories.

So Trendri forum is recommended for online workers who enjoy posting on forums and wish to make some additional money.

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