Month: April 2024

Timebucks records proof of SHAMELESS GREEDY LIAR architect telugu trisha’s massive ONLINE FRAUD, CYBERCRIME

Indian tech and internet companies are extremely ruthless in criminally defaming online workers, investors after robbing their data and falsely giving goan call girls, cheater housewives and other young frauds,credit, monthly government salary at the expense of the online investor, who is making great losses because of the government criminal defamation, slavery and financial fraud.
Everywhere the domain investor, migrant from north karnataka goes, the cheater liar government agencies are falsely giving one or more lazy greedy young fraud who does not spend time and money credit, while criminally defaming the domain investor, refusing to acknowledge the time and money she spends, denying her a life of dignity.
The domain investor has got the best hardware in mumbai since she is living in mumbai for personal reasons like her retaining her savings, so she can run most of money making programs on her computer. Yet the liar local officials, leaders are falsely giving credit to a teen mother, short slim fraud married architect telugu trisha, who do not spend money on hardware, internet connection, time on installing and running the software while criminally defaming the single woman engineer as idle, not having income.
When the domain investor is not in mumbai, she cannot access the computer, so she cannot run engagedhits and the payment is not credited to the timebucks account. If the local leaders, officials favorite young frauds were actually doing the timebucks work, the payment for engagedhits should have credited even when the domain investor was not in mumbai for 8 days,.
In reality, the internet, tech sector is extremely ruthless in its fraud on older single online workers, investors so they refuse to acknowledge the work she does, are always criminally defaming, cheating, exploiting, robbing her to falsely give lazy greedy young frauds credit, monthly government salary at her expense while she makes great losses and is denied a life of dignity.