Since SEX BRIBE TAKING LIAR top government employees were making fake claims there was no reason for goan bhandari raw employee sunaina chodan to work online

panaji goan bhandari CALL GIRL raw emploeye sunaina chodan never did any computer work, never invested money in domains like her fraud brahmin sugar daddies like j srinivasan from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay , yet just because sunaina offered SEX BRIBES top indian government employees , these bribe taking government employees ROBBED all the data of the real domain investor,single non-goan bhandari engineer and DUPED countries,companies and people that panaji CALL GIRL sunaina chodan who never paid for any domain was the domain investor to give the CALL GIRL great powers, monthly government salary
Since the SEX BRIBE TAKING LIAR top indian government employees ensured that their favorite goan CALL GIRL sunaina chodan got a monthly government salary only for FAKING domain ownership in a SEX trade deal since 2010, CALL GIRL sunaina chodan does not have to bother about paying domain and other expenses, so there is no reason why the panaji call girl would waste her time doing computer work since the indian government blindly believes all the SEX BRIBE TAKING liar top government employees making fake claims about their favorite call girl ,
In contrast though the liar indian,goan, karnataka government refused to acknowledge the real domain investor,a single woman engineer paying all the expenses, like all real domain investors has to pay the credit card bill, so she has to make some money. Since all the work that pays well is diverted to the robber raw/cbi employees the domain investor is forced to do low end timebucks work,

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