Sign Up for Premium Protection and Let Your Worries Melt Away

I sought out information in your area for home security systems because I wanted to see if I could get some sort of deal on a top notch alarm system. I live in Knoxville, a crime infest rathole which has seen even more crime in recent years. I call this place the Beirut of the Midwest because it reminds me of all the violence that took place in that city back in the 1980s. It’s so sad to see all the crime in this city because I do love the area. To stay here requires substantial security protections, however.

It’s funny to listen to the local authorities try and talk around the crime problem. They make noises about how the stories concerning this city are grossly exaggerated and how you shouldn’t trust some article written by an outsider. The thing about that is that I would have written the same article. I live here and it’s bad. There is simply no way to get around the problem. Everyone here knows what is going on and who is doing the crime. Ignoring it or trying to explain it away just makes the situation worse. I’m still not leaving, though.

What I am doing is turning my home into a secured castle. ADT came in and installed a very good security system that has all sorts of protections. I can get email alerts sent to my phone of the motion detector senses something or somebody in the yard. They came in and basically made sure that every inch of the home and yard is covered by the security system. You can’t put a foot on my property without me knowing about it. I hope this deters any potential troublemakers. I think it will, but we’ll see. If they do try and come in, the police will be here very quickly to take them off to jail.

Author: opl