Month: October 2021 not working in India, giving invalid advertisement error

The domain investor is reviewing the PTC websites for listing on her websites.
She found that for, the user is getting invalid advertisement message after clicking and veiwing the ads
Others are receiving payment, so may be hacked in india, on firefox and microsoft edge browser. is paying through Perfectmoney and payeer.

New online money making websites are not listed on google

While ntro/raw/cbi are falsely claiming that posting on the forums is a service, the main reason for using forums is finding new websites for making money online to pay domain renewal fees.
The domain investor has noticed that google is not listing new money making websites in the search results
It is mainly listing websites of banias, brahmins and other part time bloggers who have not updated their website for 3-4 years
For example google is listing websites with top 100 lists of writing websites
These websites claim that they are paying $50-$100 per article
Yet in reality these websites will not approve most of articles submitted, wasting the time of the person writing the article.
In comparison using forums helps because members are posting the latest information of websites which actually pay. account blocked by ntro/raw/cbi in panaji, domain investor not allowed to login

In addition to the government SLAVERY, financial, domain ownership fraud on the real domain investor,a private citizen since 2010, ntro/raw/cbi are also doing everything possible to reduce her revenues to the extent possible to cover up their 11 year online fraud. She is also not allowed to access some of her old online accounts. For example the domain investor had a old account with some money in it.
Due to the cybercrime of the government agencies, she is also not allowed to login to the account in panaji, goa though there has been no change in account or domain ownership