Month: June 2022

Money making online becomes increasingly difficult, Clickworker account is disabled

Compared to a decade ago, money making online has become very difficult, especially for those who do not have a blog or website
Some Reddit users are complaining that their Clickworker account is disabled

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1 day ago
(SERIOUS) Clickworker account suspended and payment forfeit.
So last week my cw account got temporarily suspended and I received an email asking for me to submit an ID and address proof for verification that it’s actually me working on my account. I did so, and then i get a response that my account is now permanently closed. “In your case, the submitted documents were insufficient or inadequate to validate the given personal data in your account.” This is what the replied in that email. I replied asking what other form of id documents can i submit to validate my identity. Today i get a response from them saying “Based on our experience with you and your work results, we decided to terminate our working relationship with you.”

What bullshit even is this. It looks like they’re just finding reasons to unjustifiably suspend accounts and take the money for themselves.

They also mentioned ” We are entitled to withhold payments in cases where there is reasonable doubt as to the truthfulness of the person’s identity. This also means that your submitted project results are of no value to our clients and therefore need to be discarded completely.” This seems to be utterly untrue because UHRS has already paid clickworker for the work that i did. Also, I’m one hundred percent sure that the work that i submitted has already been utilized since I only used to work on the hate speech moderation app, and the comments are posted on msn soon after we judge it to be hate speech or not.

How is this practice by clickworker even allowed. I have quite a large amount of money in my account and it’s clear that clickworker is going to keep all of it. Anyone faced a similar issue and any advice on how to go around this?

So for younger people, it is better to work offline, people usually will pay for the work done and the amount they make will also be higher.