Month: December 2020

NTRO/raw/cbi openly involved in major labor law violations worse than Wistron iphone factory, making fake claims about computer work in online money making fraud

The housewife raw/cbi employees are only COOKING, CLEANING for their crooked husbands and are paid for the work they do by their husbands. Similarly siddhi, sunaina, ruchika kinge are paid by their employers for the work they do, asmita patel is trading in stocks which is not related to the internet sector in any way at all, sindhi scammers nikhil, karan are playing with their mobile phones

Yet in a major indian and state government fraud, labor law violation for the last ten years, NTRO/raw/cbi employees are falsely claiming that the raw/cbi employees who do no computer work at all, own the paypal, bank account, domains of a single woman engineer who is actually spending her time doing the computer work daily in a labor law violation worse than the wistron iphone factory
The inexperienced and not very highly educated wistron iphone factory workers were not paid fully for a period of 3-4 months, so they became upset and destroyed the factory, causing losses of Rs 50 crores. The single woman engineer, domain investor has not been paid for 10 years, since the indian government is falsely claiming that housewife raw/cbi employees are only COOKING, CLEANING for their crooked husbands or other workand are paid for the work they do, are also doing the computer work when it is not possible to pay the housewives and other fraud raw/cbi employees a monthly government salary at the expense of the domain investor

To cover up the labor law violations, the single woman engineer is criminally defamed in the worst manner, with powerful officials making up completely fake stories without any proof, only to destroy her credibility