Month: March 2023

In India, government agencies are very effective in blocking opportunities, orders for those who work at home

In India some citizens working at home, are making very less money mainly because the government agencies are diverting and stealing all their leads and orders, especially for US $ payments.

While the government agencies especially the shivalli brahmin cheaters who have got a no work, no investment government job for lazy greedy banking fraudster relative bengaluru brahmin cheater raw employee nayanshree for FAKING writing work since 2013, are trying to justify this discrimination, falsely claiming that the person working at home is not competent, the fact is that it is very easy for government employees to rob the leads, orders for online work without being questioned

NTRO, raw are assigning great discretionary powers to their employees and they are diverting all the orders to their friends, relatives and bribe givers so citizens like the domain investor who the raw/cbi employees hate, do not get any paid work, except from a few websites where the payment is largely automated. In contrast offline shops have walkin customers who government agencies cannot stop