Month: May 2023

Payup, make money online watching videos for 10 to 20 seconds


Many internet users especially students want to make some additional money in their free time. Watching videos is one of the easiest ways to make a small amount of money online Payup is a comparatively new website which pays members for watching videos. Most of the videos are for 10 seconds and pay approximately $0.0002 per video watched while a few 20 second videos are paying more, approximately $0.00037.

They allow approximately 100 videos to be watched in one hour and 500-600 videos watched in a day.
So a person can reach the minimum payout of $0.1 within a couple of days, if they are willing to spend their time and have a fast internet connection with cheap data
Payment options at present are
– Payeer
– Advcash
– USDtron
The website is under review at present, no payment is received till date. The account is credited correctly after a video is watched and a bonus is offered for watching a larger number of videos. So the Payup website is recommended for those who like to watch videos and also want to make some additional money, which they can quickly withdraw.