Quick money offered for defamatory photoshopped photos circulated by sex addicted gujju ntro employees nikhil, parmar, parekh and others


The gujju community in goa is small, yet along with some sindhis they are the most shameless ruthless greedy fraudsters and liars who are openly involved in a massive real estate, banking and online fraud on a harmless hardworking single woman engineer whose identity they have stolen to get the school dropout gujju sex service provider housewife naina, who looks like actress sneha wagh a cbi job

they are trying to cover up their fraud by circulating defamatory photoshopped photos and videos of the single woman engineer when she is in public places. When she is panaji, the sex addicted liar fraud gujju officials, led by parekh, parmar, patel, nikhil are intentionally sending their male microchipped associates to stand very close to her so that they can prepare photoshopped defamatory photos of the engineer to ruin her reputation.

Instead of having the humanity and honesty to admit their fraud on the engineer, the sex addicted gujju officials are shameless and ruthless in defaming the engineer, making and circulating photoshopped photos and videos of the engineer when she is in public places. The engineer is willing to offer a reward to anyone who can provide the photoshopped photos, videos which are being circulated by the gujju and other fraudsters to defame her, so that she can initiate legal action against those who are circulating these photos and videos
Please contact on skype : nkinf@hotmail.com
reward of Rs 400 will be offered for any photoshopped defamatory photo, video of these gujju or other officials of February 25, 2019

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