Panaji ROBBER cbi employee riddhi nayak caro, like other raw/cbi employees has no online income

One of the greatest frauds in the internet sector is how raw/cbi are falsely claiming that their employees are online experts, making money online, when it can be legally proved that they have no online income.

can fraud goan security agency employees caro,nayak explain why his SHAMELESS ROBBER wife, daughter ridhi nayak caro has no paypal income in her income tax returns
SHAMELESS LIAR ROBBER goan cbi employee housewife ridhi nayak caro, wife and daughter of top security agency employee involved in BANKING FRAUD since 2010
The fraud companies google, tata have bribed the fraud goan security agency employees caro,nayak to abuse their powers and CRIMINALLY DEFAME a harmless hardworking single woman engineer, domain investor and google competitor for the last 8 years by getting a cbi job for their lazy greedy shameless fraud wife and daughter, riddhi nayak caro, without doing any work, without investing any money in domains
though surveillance will legally prove that panaji robber queen riddhi nayak caro, who looks like actress kangana ranaut, solange is only looking after her house and family like raw employee nayanshree hathwar, the fraud husbands of these brahmin cheater housewives are hacking the computer of a hardworking single woman engineer and falsely claiming that their lazy greedy wives, who are not spending any time doing work, are doing all the computer work to get them all a monthly raw/cbi salary without doing any work,
Income tax returns will also legally prove that raw employee riddhi nayak caro, like nayanshree hathwar, has no paypal income, no domain expense, yet the indian and state governments continue with their BANKING FRAUD while CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the hardworking engineer who is actually doing the work, and is legally having a paypal income

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