Educated indian citizens working as manual labor due to government SKILLS FRAUD, especially in indian internet sector

Most countries have recovered from covid-19 pandemic to a great extent, only in india the problem is worsening
The media reported that india has overtaken spain, to become the 5th most affected country by the covid-19 pandemic. It appears that most of the other countries have recovered, while mainly in india, the number of cases, is increasing rapidly. One of the best indications of the world economy, especially US economy is the amount of writing work available.

In april 2020, there was a decline in the work available, in may it is restored to the usual levels. The US jobs data also shows that there is a decrease in unemployment to a great extent. Only in india the number of cases is increasing rapidly,To reduce the number of recorded cases, testing has stopped in some areas.

Yet many people in India have lost jobs and are now working in MGREGA for Rs 199 daily, doing labor work. This is because of the indian government skills fraud in the indian internet sector , the indian government, humiliates, cheats, exploits and defames SKILLED HARDWORKING honest citizens, and rewards, UNSKILLED LAZY GREEDY call girls, robbers, cheaters, frauds with raw/cbi jobs duping companies, countries and people with their fake claims

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