Only in indian internet sector, citizens forced to pay massive penalties for mistakes

In all sectors, like engineering, finance, factories people are working, and they make mistakes because they are not careful, do not have information
In most sectors, the person will have to pay a small penalty and will be asked to be more careful in future.
Only in the indian internet sector, the focus is only on fault finding, the government is falsely claiming that those who find faults, defame others, with no online income, are online experts, while those who actually have some online income, are criminally defamed, HUMILIATED, cheated and exploited for the rest of their lives

This flawed indian government policy of rewarding fault finders like greedy gujju fraud stock broker asmita patel , nayanshree hathwar with raw/cbi jobs, while HUMILIATING, CHEATING, EXPLOITING those who do work, has led to a huge number of complaints in India, since people are being offered form filling jobs and then get legal notices demanding Rs 6000 or more. Thousands of indians are getting these legal demands and many are paying the money though they cannot afford it.

This shows the misplaced priorities of ntro, raw, cbi, they are hounding harmless private citizens like the domain investor, who is making money legally mainly writing for others, while those who are blackmailing thousands of indian citizens of Rs 6000 for making small mistakes, sending them legal notices are not being questioned at all.
The indian government policy of rewarding DATA THEFT, FINANCIAL FRAUD, criminal defamation, fault finding, in the indian internet sector, giving the fake excuse of lifestyle has inspired a large number of others like
Orian technology
Nat enterprises
Golden enterprises
PRC solution
Rey Technology
UTS solutions
Work Novatech enterprises
VR enterprises
Xylem technology
Viz technology
HS enterprises
PG technology
wise word technology

So if anyone is getting money demands from these companies, please contact gujju fraud stock broker R&AW employee asmita patel, since she is the inspiration for all these companies, or google ceo sundar pichai since google is openly supporting fraud asmita patel, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, indore robber deepika, panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil and other fraud raw/cbi employees in their domain ownership, online fraud since 2010,
IIT kharagpur can also be contacted, since its most famous alumni google ceo sundar pichai led google is directly supporting all these fraudsters in their online fraud since 2010
Many of these companies are based in gujarat, since india’s top domain fraudster asmita patel is a gujju, gets a monthly raw salary for faking ownership of this and other domains since 2013, though the greedy gujju fraudster is not paying any money for domains at all.
Any political party raising this issue can also contact on

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