Golden enterprises latest business inspired by IIt kharagpur alumni sundar pichai led google’s fraud on single woman domain investor

Though google gets positive coverage in the mainstream media, it is a very unethical company CHEATING, EXPLOITING hardworking single women to pamper, reward LAZY GREEDY LIAR fraud housewives like robber riddhi nayak caro, and other frauds like asmita patel with no online income, no online investment at all. This has inspired a large number of companies who are following the footsteps of google in committing fraud on a single woman domain investor like Golden enterprises. The complaint against golden enterprises by balaji is listed below (copied from consumer complaints for reference)

search a job online on and I found a job of online form filling “Golden Enterprises” company and I am apply this job and Next day my friend receive a call from Golden Enterprises for job regarding and asking me to interested to this job and he say no fees or any cost to pay company. And now company blackmailing me

Golden Enterprises says, company provide 700 forms and you complete this form in 7 days and you get 14000 RS and company cut his charges of RS 4700 and I am agreed to work with this job. I am complete my forms within 4 days and submit forms after 4 to 5 days I am log in company website “” and I see Your QC is failed but I accurately complete my work but company ask me to 1st day my username and password and I got it this mistakes is company creating my job work and asking to pay this payment of Rs.13950 14 September 2020 I am received a mail from this email Id of Adv. Mr. Rahul Krishna mail me and asking to pay 13950 Rs form filling job work. I am call back to Mr. Rahul Krishna and ask to close the issue he says you pay 26000RS and close this issue if you not pay this amount I am complaint against you and you paid 170000 to 180000 to company by court. And I am ask to 26000 Rs big amount , he says you paid 23000 and close the issue(15 September 2020). And he said you receive a hard copy of case of IPC 73 and 74 at your home

Company contact numbers- Ayush patel – 8155014864, 762303908 (whatsapp)

Pooja patel – 9176240925

Company help line Email id –

Company helpline number – 9909901946

Legal Advocate associate ,legal officer,

National Hwy 848-B,

Kheda, Gujarat – 396191

Mr. Rahul Krishna – 9727706905

Legal website – lawentity .com

Bank Details-

Bank of Maharashtra


A/C NUMBER – 60353623051


AMOUNT – 23000 but not paid by me

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The domain investor who is cheated of Rs 15 lakh annually because of the goa, karnataka, maharashtra, haryana, madhya pradesh, indian government fraud since 2010 on her, is complaining just like thousands of indians who complain on websites like consumercomplaints, complaintsboard, complaintslists after being cheated, there is no national security or mental health issue involved

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