To cover up the government SLAVERY of online exporters, offlinejobs section deleted from freeearning

While earlier the domain investor only focused on online jobs, she has found that people working offline are also paid very well for the work they do, while online it is very difficult to make any additional money since there are no orders.
So she included a section on offline jobs since maidservants make more money than online exporter because of the government policy of falsely claiming that the girlfriends,sugar babies of top cruel cunning government employees with no online income are online exporters, to pay them monthly government salaries
However the fraud raw/cbi employees who have never paid any money for domains continue to falsely claim ownership and get monthly government salary due to the support of fraud indian tech and internet companies and these frauds also deleted the section on offline jobs in a clear case of cybercrime
The offline jobs section was uploaded again, yet when well paid government employees are themselves openly involved in cybercrime, cybercriminals are flourishing in india

Author: admin