The Aeshetically Pleasing City of Edinburgh

The city of Edinburgh has long since been Scotland’s capital. The old architecture stands out as an anachronism in a world where technology is continually increasing. The city of Edinburgh stands out in comparison to say London, one of the UKs most well-known capital cities. Scotland has been increasingly given the spotlight given their referendum where Scotland voted to remain a part of the UK in a 60% to 40% vote. Nevertheless, Scotland’s city of Edinburgh has been a bastion of education for students wishing to attend school and edinburgh student accommodation has made things more convenient than ever for students living there.

Students living in Edinburgh have an abundance of activities to choose from, from night pubs to many great local restaurants. The scenery of Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful with architecture built from the 1800s and even before then being properly maintenance and maintained these buildings truly have withstood the test of time. Edinburgh also remains one of the safest cities in the UK. A survey conducted showed that 90% of residents felt safe. The roads are well-maintained and the transportations services in Edinburgh are quite efficient.

The scenery in Edinburgh is also quite beautiful to enjoy and not just for students, but all walks of life. The scenery in Edinburgh is what truly stands out for the city. Castles on high hills and the cityscape below architecture constructed during Europe’s medieval age. One can see themselves slipping back into the medieval age where Kings, Queens and Lords once ruled over the city. One downside may be that the streets are a wee bit smaller than they should be in comparison to more modernly built cities. Regardless, the infrastructure has been well-kept and it is surely a sight to see. Edinburgh is a city that is continually evolving while keeping up with its roots.

Author: opl