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Indian tech and internet companies are extremely ruthless in stealing all the referrals of the domain investor who they have CHEATED, EXPLOITED & ROBBED since 2010

Usually the state government is supporting citizens from the state, yet the karnataka government agencies have been extremely ruthless in CHEATING, EXPLOITING, ROBBING the goa 1989 jee topper,single woman engineer to get massive BRIBES from the 10-15 lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree from iit bombay to get a monthly government salary.
In addition to the resume theft, the government agencies are also stealing all the leads, orders, and also referrals of the single woman engineer so that she makes very less money despite working very long hours, in a clear case of government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD
The domain investor has found that she is not getting a single referral from some of the websites, though she is sending a large number of visitors while another indian member ginge is making a large amount from referrals to forums.

Marketagent error for google chrome browser

Browser hacking makes it difficult to make money online as this message shows.

An unexpected Error occurred
Date and time:
2022-08-18 05:07:56

Error identification:
47a0667a-7112-4f35-8e90-22ad4b1824dd (VMARKETWEB01: MarketagentUser_Web)

Please click the link below to send an email with error specifications to the technical department of Marketagent. You can add your own comment at the end of the email.
Email to the technical device of Marketagent

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Serpclix allegedly hacked users cannot get any paid search

Instead of paying a large amount per click using Google adwords, many businesses were using Serpclix to get genuine visitors
It appears that Google has allegedly hacked Serpclix , it is difficult to get any search
Though Serpclix is giving a notification automatically that there is a order, when visiting the website, it gives the message
Order not found
Remove from my list

Get paid to receive SMSes, passive income from smartphone

Smartphone users who want to make some passive income can get paid for receiving smses on their smartphone, no additional effort is required after installing the app. Users with get an additional $0.20 after they receive 5 smses, if they use they use the code G8A0B1C1 ( please use number zero in the code, instead of alphabet o) while registering. If the code is not used, the user will not receive the additional $0.20 after receiving 5 smses . The user is paid $0.01 for each sms which they receive, minimum payout $1 using paypal. For more details on getting paid to receive smses check Get paid to receive SMSes.

If any clarifications or help is required please contact on or

Serpbot extension not visible after being installed for Firefox

Serpbot extension not visible after being installed for Firefox

have tried installing the serpbot addon at least thrice, it is not giving any error message, yet it is not visible in the browser bar. So it is not possible to do any of the tasks

when serpclix was installed there was no problem, but there are no tasks available in Serpclix.

Google chrome Browser hacked to prevent doing Toloka tasks so that bengaluru brahmin cheater raw employee nayanshree gets a monthly salary for faking paypal,bank account

To prevent doing Toloka work so that his cheater wife nayanshree, gets a monthly raw salary for faking paypal, bank account the scammer shivalli brahmin bengaluru tata power employee guruprasad has hacked google chrome browser
For the Object recognition & detection task on toloka the browser is blank, no images are being displayed
Since the images are not being displayed the task cannot be done
Though bengaluru brahmin cheater raw employee nayanshree has only got a 2005 bbm from bhandarkars college of arts and science, has no online income at all, top brahmin cheater ntro/raw employees j srinivasan, puneet have got her a raw job falsely claiming that nayanshree, 2005 bbm was their btech 1993 ee classmate from iit bombay and are openly involved in cybercrime so that bengaluru cheater nayanshree gets a monthly raw salary for faking bank account, online income, resume at the expense of their real classmate a single woman engineer who these cruel cunning cheater brahmins HATE

To cover up the government SLAVERY of online exporters, offlinejobs section deleted from freeearning

While earlier the domain investor only focused on online jobs, she has found that people working offline are also paid very well for the work they do, while online it is very difficult to make any additional money since there are no orders.
So she included a section on offline jobs since maidservants make more money than online exporter because of the government policy of falsely claiming that the girlfriends,sugar babies of top cruel cunning government employees with no online income are online exporters, to pay them monthly government salaries
However the fraud raw/cbi employees who have never paid any money for domains continue to falsely claim ownership and get monthly government salary due to the support of fraud indian tech and internet companies and these frauds also deleted the section on offline jobs in a clear case of cybercrime
The offline jobs section was uploaded again, yet when well paid government employees are themselves openly involved in cybercrime, cybercriminals are flourishing in india

Money making online becomes increasingly difficult, Clickworker account is disabled

Compared to a decade ago, money making online has become very difficult, especially for those who do not have a blog or website
Some Reddit users are complaining that their Clickworker account is disabled

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1 day ago
(SERIOUS) Clickworker account suspended and payment forfeit.
So last week my cw account got temporarily suspended and I received an email asking for me to submit an ID and address proof for verification that it’s actually me working on my account. I did so, and then i get a response that my account is now permanently closed. “In your case, the submitted documents were insufficient or inadequate to validate the given personal data in your account.” This is what the replied in that email. I replied asking what other form of id documents can i submit to validate my identity. Today i get a response from them saying “Based on our experience with you and your work results, we decided to terminate our working relationship with you.”

What bullshit even is this. It looks like they’re just finding reasons to unjustifiably suspend accounts and take the money for themselves.

They also mentioned ” We are entitled to withhold payments in cases where there is reasonable doubt as to the truthfulness of the person’s identity. This also means that your submitted project results are of no value to our clients and therefore need to be discarded completely.” This seems to be utterly untrue because UHRS has already paid clickworker for the work that i did. Also, I’m one hundred percent sure that the work that i submitted has already been utilized since I only used to work on the hate speech moderation app, and the comments are posted on msn soon after we judge it to be hate speech or not.

How is this practice by clickworker even allowed. I have quite a large amount of money in my account and it’s clear that clickworker is going to keep all of it. Anyone faced a similar issue and any advice on how to go around this?

So for younger people, it is better to work offline, people usually will pay for the work done and the amount they make will also be higher.

2017 reddit post shows government SLAVERY, online money making fraud of cheater housewives, scammer students was a well planned strategy

In all other sectors, the companies and government officials do not falsely claim that cheater housewives, scammer students who do no work, are experts to pay them monthly salaries while the real expert is criminally defamed, cheated, exploited and humiliated.
Only in the indian internet sector, top officials and companies are united in their online moneymaking fraud since 2017, committing cybercrime on the person who is actually doing work, and then falsely claiming that cheater housewives, scammer students, goan call girls and other frauds who do not spend any time,do not invest any money online are the online experts, to get them lucrative government jobs with excellent salaries in a clear case of government SLAVERY
the domain investor noticed a 2017 reddit post on a domain she owns by a person she did not interact with, where he has mentioned the government SLAVERY, RESUME THEFT shows that the slavery was a well planned strategy, criminally defame the hardworking person in the worst manner to destroy the credibility of the person completely, so that scammer students,cheater housewives and other frauds can get monthly government salaries without doing any kind of computer work, without investing any kind of money online.

Due to software problems cannot withdraw money from inboxcash

Since paypal has convinced all the websites using it to limit the revenues of the domain investor, stealing or diverting the revenues, the domain investor decided to use other websites.
Inboxcash is a paid to read email website, and the domain investor decided to review the website, since it has a low minimum payout
Yet after the minimum payout was reached, when the domain investor tried to withdraw for payment proof, it is giving a balance error which could be a software problem.
On forums, others have posted a payment proof for minimum payout , so it appears that the website is hacked.
This shows how ruthless the indian internet companies are in reducing the income to zero.